About the Art

“The Kid” gained national recognition for a piece of art donated to the Dallas Police Department after the 2016 deadly sniper ambush that wounded twelve officers — five fatally.

The piece of art was created as a tribute to honor and support the police officers of Dallas. The art piece was replicated on t-shirts, posters and other items to help raise money for Assist The Officer Foundation (ATO) which benefits the families of fallen officers.

Since forming Kid Galleries, “The Kid” has helped raise thousands of dollars for numerous charities with the donation of his art work.

Each piece shown has been created in a series of 500 and are for sale.

  • 3ft. X 3ft. pieces sell for $500
  • 2ft. X 2ft. pieces sell for $300.

Monies benefit The Children’s Art Fund and Assist the Officer Foundation. 


Check out the gallery below!