~ It started with a dream in the fall of 1835 ~

September 1835

Gordon S. Hubbard (of Hubbard Park) purchased 12 acres, including the land where The Silver Spring House is now located, for $159.35 from the United States Government. In 1845, Valentine Blatz, a brewery owner, and Charles Kern bought the land and subdivided it. The land that The Silver Spring House now occupies was purchased by Charles Krocker, who in 1856 built a log cabin tavern, The Krocker House. On March 3, 1902, a Krocker heir sold his share of five acres and a fire-damaged Krocker House to John Kleist. Two years later, north of the Krocker House, Kleist built and named his tavern The Silver Spring House, which is presently our back dining room on the building’s north east end. Our main dining room and bar, formerly a dance hall, was located behind the original tavern. In 1915, it was rolled on logs to the present location. As a second interest, Kleist refurbished the remains of the Krocker House and operated a cigar factory there. The main brand was known as “The Heavyweight.” The room that is now referred to as “The Garten” was added in the early 1980’s along with our outdoor seating areas.


The Silver Spring House was sold to Herman Reese and once again changed hands in 1925 when it was purchased by William Smith, who was commonly known as “Sticks” because of his wooden leg. Smith attempted to open “Taxi Dances” (10 cents a dance), an activity unique to its era, but that proved to be unsuccessful.

The Silver Spring House circa 1856

The Silver Spring House Today


Al Hahmn purchased the business, renaming it “The Park Tavern,” and until World War II served food and libations. He featured a Friday Night Fish Fry for 15 cents and a Chicken Fry for 35 cents. For the next 30 years after the war, Hahm maintained the business as a corner tavern.


In 1976, Doug Siewert purchased the business returning it to the name “The Silver Spring House.” In 1985, The Silver Spring House received Milwaukee County Landmark status. This status saved the historical building from being torn down due to the widening of Green Bay Avenue. Doug owned and operated the Silver Spring House for 27 years. He was a well-loved and respected friend and philanthropist. He is sincerely missed by all who knew and loved him.


In 2018 David Braeger of D.O.B. Holdings purchased The Silver Spring House with the promise to bring the iconic restaurant back to the glory days of old. As Braeger says, “legends never die!”

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